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Irungu Kang'ata Picks Another Running Mate

IEBC clearance has been a big headache for the gubernatorial hopeful. On Monday, IEBC fails to give him a nod after his opponents filed a complaint about the resignation of Winnie. Winnie was working at UON but in what Kang'ata terms a misunderstanding, she did not seem to have complied with the set regulations. With less than 24 hours to put his house in order, Irungu was forced to pick another running mate. This time around, he went for a gentleman with a degree in International diplomacy.

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However, he maintains that Winnie still remains in their camp. When asked to speak on the issue that barred Winnie from being cleared, according to a source close to the Star, he led his team away from the interview. There are many factors that may have forced Irungu to change his running mate including the strict timelines that would have left him out of the gubernatorial race. Dr Irungu and Dr Winnie signed a joint statement to allow Stephen to replace her.

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