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5 Key Promises President Ruto Has Fulfilled Since Taking Over from Uhuru

With the swearing-in ceremonies of the then-newly elected President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua on September 13, a new phase in Kenya's democratic journey began.

Ruto made several pledges during the active campaigning that preceded the August 9 general election to shakebolsternyan economy and bolsters his movement, the Hustlers, which he had just started.

1. Enrolling Hustlers at Arizona University

Ruto made a solemn commitment to empowering hustlers in all facets of their lives when he assumed power. He was also determined to help them obtain educational skills using the least expensive methods.

The Head of State visited the US during his campaigns and met with influential people at Arizona State University. One of the outcomes of these meetings was the provision of training for the world's poorest people.

2. Hustler Fund

One of the main pillars of President William Ruto's campaign to support small enterprises developed The Hustler Fund concept.

To protect small and medium-sized businesses from the predatory demands of the banking industry at the time, the Head of State pledged to offer a low-cost loan to increase financing for those companies.

3. Police Reforms and Special Unit Disbandment

When he served as Kenya's deputy president, extrajudicial killings and police brutality were among Ruto's top concerns. Once he won the presidency, he pledged to implement reforms throughout the entire police force.

The Head of State then issued nerve-wracking instructions, such as appointing an acting Inspector General of Police and disbanding the Special Service Unit (SSU), a clandestine division of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, on the day of his oath-taking (DCI).

At the time, Ruto revealed that the covert organization had been responsible for torturing locals and carrying out the murders.

4. Hiring of Teachers

Teachers from primary and secondary schools have been contacting the government for years, claiming that schools frequently struggle with severe shortages across all academic seasons. Over 100,000 teachers were needed overall in 2022 alone, yet over 300,000 qualified tutors were unemployed.

When he assumed control, Ruto, who was committed to improving worker welfare, pledged to make sure that the state immediately hired all qualified instructors.

The Head of State gave the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) orders to begin employing more than 30,000 people at the beginning of January 2023 on December 12 at the ceremonies for Jamhuri Day. In just two years, he would hire every unemployed teacher.

5. Fertilizer Prices

Lowering food costs was a top priority for President William Ruto and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, which helped to cut living expenses.

The pair added that their plan was intended to help the almost 30 counties afflicted by the worst drought in four decades, which threatened to starve over 4 million Kenyans.

Ruto reduced the cost of fertilizer from Ksh6,500 for a 50-kilogram bag to Ksh3,500 during his inauguration. He said at the time that the change would result in higher productivity and a surplus of food, which would eventually drive down the price of those items.

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