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The Great Kilifi Conversation Starts Now, 4 Major Seats Against 7 Subtribes

Kilifi County is home to 7 of the 9 Mijkenda subtribes. They include the Giriamas, the Chonyis, the Kaumas, Ribes, Jibanas, Rabais and Kambes. Durumas and Digos mainly occupy Kwale County. The Giriamas are the most populous and occupy a vast geographical area, comprising of almost all the constituencies, except Kilifi South which is mainly dominated by Chonyis, while Rabais, Kambes and Ribes inhabit the Rabai Subcounty.

The populous group has a tyranny of numbers and is capable of holding most of the county positions, if no meaningly dialogue takes place to consider the others. Currently, the Giriama subtribe holds the Governor seat, the Rabais Deputy Governor, the Chonyis Senator post and Kaumas the Women Rep. This is how the major top 4 county positions are shared by 7 subtribes. This unprinted formula is however not binding and the 2022 election is likely to destabilize it.

As expected, the populous Giriama will take the governorship in 2022. In addition, they are also fielding a Senator, a women Rep and they might also eye for the deputy governor post. The Rabais are fielding a candidate for the governorship and a Senate seats. They are also hoping to get the Deputy governor post to spread their chances of taking at least one seat. The Chonyis still want the Senatorial position as usual. 

While Giriamas, Chonyis and Rabai's are jostling to occupy these limited posts, other subtribes may be sidelined and pushed tp the periphery if serious conversation will not take place. The Ribes, the Jibanas, the Kambe's are yet to fight for any of the 4 available positions.

Do we let democracy prevail or we should have a negotiated democracy so that we satisfy the expectations of all the 7 subtribes?

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