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Why President Ruto Will Have A Hard Time In Power.

It's been only a little over 2 weeks now since the fifth administration took power in Kenya. It's one headed by President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza team. The elections were arguably very hotly contested with a margin of only 235,000 votes separating Dr Ruto from the now opposition Azimio La Umoja candidates. Alot is expected of the new Administration you'll agree with me on this but will they live up to Kenyan expectations? We'll wait and see.

Photo: A section of Azimio La Umoja Leaders.

Dr Ruto has already hit the road running with first promising subsidies on Fertilizers then appointing more Judges to office etc. Is the president being smart and playing his cards right or do we really expect him to salvage our economy, create jobs and improve the common "mwananchi's' livelihood. Again it's just a matter of time before we can judge him. Personally, I think it's going to be a very tough ride steering the country for Mr president and here why:-

Photos of president William Samoei Ruto


It's the same old story. Nothing has been done to curb corruption in Kenya. No one is going to jail for corruption charges even with tangible evidence against their corruption charges. It's because the whole system is corrupt. We voted in the same old leaders to office what changes do you expect? Uhuru Kenyatta while still president once publicly and helplessly admitted that Kenya looses approximately 2 billion shillings of it's budgetary allocation to corruption. A cool 600 billion will benefiting a few. What has changed? Nothing. Unless Ruto comes up with a genius plan to seal these leakages, corruption will still be a major challenge for him while in office.

Public Debt

Photo:Kenya budget plan for year 22/23

Our country's debt rose from 16 billion US dollars in 2013 to 71 billion USD in 2021. Our annual budget also has risen from ksh1.4 trillion in 2013 which was jubilee's first budget to 3.3 trillion for year 2022/2023. Of the 3.3 trillion, 892 billion shillings has been set aside to service our Public debt. 900 billion to pay loans and 600 billion lost to corruption that's Ksh1.5 trillion and not a shilling of it is serving Kenyan citizens needs. It's actually more than our annual budget for year 2013/14. Kenya Kwanza inherited an ailing economy. This for sure will give the president headaches. It will hinder his service delivery and for sure give him har time in power.

The government will have to tax you more to pay it's loans and run the country. This directly translates to harsher time for Kenyans. Will Ruto be able to tackle all these. It's only the beginning but I won't predict an easy future for the new commander in Chief.

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