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Have You Asked Your Member of Parliament Why He or She Is Quiet On The Fuel Prices? Thuku Asks

Kenya Revenue Authority, is an agency of the Government of Kenya that is responsible for the assessment, collection and accounting for all revenues that are due to government, in accordance with the laws of Kenya. And it's commissioner general is appointed by the President.Picture for illustrative purpose.

It's good to note that every active tax that exists in our land is passed through parliament. This observations or rather debate has come out clearly amongst Kenyans after the price of fuel hiked. It's an act(hiking prices) that has attracted lots of views and generally it has been talked about by almost everyone.

Without sugar coating things here, common citizens are truly not happy about the price hike, and definitely not aware whom to take their grievances to. But thanks to Senior Lawyer Wahome Thuku who has shed some light to Kenyans, especially on where to lodge their complaints concerning fuel price hike to.

Through his facebook page, Wahome has boldly and confidently informed or rather pushed Kenyans, to request their Members of Parliament to revise the fuel tax in our country, instead of going silent about it. Through what seems to be a challenging question as well as an eye opener, Wahome puts his enlightening and informative remarks as follows;

Attached please find his facebook post as I captured it from his facebook timeline for your review. "Have you asked your MP why he/she is quiet on the fuel prices?" reads his facebook post.Picture for illustrative purpose.

His post attracted lots of reactions where different Kenyans gave different views and opinions as captured below. Attached please find a screenshot taken for his post comments section.Picture for illustrative purpose.

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