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If He Is Elected, Kenya Might Become Corruption Free And Democratic State(Opinion)

Kenya requires a leader capable of reviving the economy and raising the living conditions of many low-income Kenyans who are struggling to put food on the table and pay their bills. Many people are experiencing a crisis as a result of rising fuel prices and commodity prices. Kenyans will vote intelligently in order to turn the country around and restore normalcy.

This will only succeed if Kenyans examine their presidential candidates and choose a leader who is willing to work, does not tolerate corruption, and makes decisions to aid ordinary citizens. Many leaders are running for president, promising Kenyans that they will work hard to improve their lives.

The rivalry between ODM leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Samoei Ruto will be fierce since they both have the ability to get a large number of votes and emerge victorious. Ruto may be the best choice for raising Kenyans' living standards and boosting the economy. It's not just a matter of words; I have to show you examples of how Ruto will be able to turn the country around if he is elected president.

1. He agreed to have a lifestyle audit done in regards to his wealth.

Many people have questioned how Ruto became wealthy in such a short period of time, especially when considering the years he spent in the administration. Before 2007, when he chose to endorse Raila for president, Ruto worked in the Orange House. Ruto owns the Weston Hotel in Nairobi, which makes over a million shillings per day, and he just disclosed that he also does chicken farming, which generates over 1.5 million shillings per day. Ruto is in charge of a number of government projects and must be compensated for his efforts.

Ruto recently admitted that he is ready for a lifestyle audit and stated that he will be held accountable for the fortune he amassed unlawfully, but those who were afraid of this. It was all a ruse to smear his name before of the 2022 national elections.

2. The creation of jobs for young people.

Ruto has been at the forefront of creating additional jobs for young people. Ruto has helped more young people earn money by distributing motorcycles, which keep them active and provide cash. He also provided wheelbarrows, which have aided kids in a variety of tasks, including farming. During the Corona Virus outbreak, Ruto and Uhuru advocated for the Kazi Mtaani program to enhance the lives of youngsters and their living standards. Many young people have benefited from this project.

3.It aims to help those who own small businesses.

Ruto has been a strong supporter of the bottom-up economic model, which focuses on small businesses such as those selling Kales on the side of the road. Ruto believes that these types of businesses can generate a lot of revenue, and he regularly visits them to help them improve their operations.

4. He is a proponent of democracy

William Samoei Ruto stated that he believes the office should be inherited through public voting. He feels that the Kenyan people's voice is more powerful than any secret force. Ruto stated that he does not believe in a deep state and that he believes in free and fair elections. He also stated that if Kenyans do not elect him, he is prepared to return home.

The kimwarer and Arror scandals appear to be false charges and speculations aimed at smearing Ruto's name before of the general elections, as the court justice found that Ruto was not implicated in the issue.

Content created and supplied by: Ndunguri (via Opera News )

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