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Political Similarities Between Raila And William Ruto That Makes Them One Among Equals, Opinion.

Deputy president William Ruto and opposition chief Raila Odinga have got a lot of similaries that makes the two among but equals. This is seen through there political contributions, there strongholds etc.

Raila Odinga and William Ruto has equal political contributions ie they are all King makers. For example in 2022 Raila campaigned vigorously untill Kibaki became president, the same way in 2007 Ruto campaigned vigorously untill Raila became the prime minister. Still in 2013 and 2017, his contribution untill Uhuru became president was outstanding.

The two leaders have a strong political stronghold that is Raila enjoys the control of Nyanza while William Ruto enjoys the strong support of Rift valley. Thai is even evident when they are all eying for the central kenya support.

The two leaders using monetary value in there campaigns. For example Raila Odinga has promised unemployed youths 600/= for upkeep while William Ruto has been promising job creation and has been accused of handing over handouts whenever he visits any place.

The two leaders have lust and greed for power. Raila and William have enjoyed the taste for power that is Raila has served as the country's prime minister while Ruto has served as the deputy president but still cannot and will not support somebody else for presidency.

Raila and Ruto's political rallies almost attracts the same number of supporters who voluntarily attends there meetings. This can be seen through the Raila's meeting in Rift Valley and Ruto's meeting in nyanza. This is also evident in there central vote hunting mission.

Both leaders uses the church as a means of campaigns. For the past two months, Raila and Ruto has not missed any church function because this is where they meet thepotential voter and the clergy and again from the church, the two leaders will be holding different Rallies around the area.

Last, the two leaders has had the opportunity to lead the nation but did nothing tergible but there supporters still believes they are the best for the nation. For example, Raila found Liberal a slam when. he was an mp and left it a slam. Ruto on the other hand did nothing reasonable in eldoret north as an mp. Still when Raila was the prime minister he did nothing while when Ruto was the deputy he also did nothing.

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