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Duale On Buyu: Shut Up And Sit Down You Don't Fit To Be My Girlfriend, Speaker Should Have Done This

Yesterday afternoon in National Assembly building, a debate on 'Mandera-Marsabit issues' was reduced to levels beneath their reputation, one equivalent to class eight pupils.

It was noisy, the speaker was unable to calm the mess and instead just silently and chuckingly laughed off as Duale threw all vile kind of behaviour to the women in the assembly.

This is what transpired.

Garissa Township lawmaker as well as the region's representative, rose to occasion to shed light on how well he understands the problems bedeviling Mandera and Marsabit. Apparently, while speaking, there was a woman MP (Rosa Buyu) who happened to be shouting at him, and Aden simply found a better way of responding to her, he told her the following laud enough.

"You eat fish, I eat camel, you don't understand the extent of these issues, am not your boyfriend, infact you don't fit, not my type, shut up and sit down."

It was actually sad to look at the commotion going on that Wednesday afternoon in a respected house of such calibre.

The acting speaker at that time didn't take a firm position to control the menace that was unfolding before the very eyes of the public. She just maintained a no firm position. She should have done the following.

First, to call Duale to order to observe the language of the house, to withdraw the negative statement he hurled to the honourable member and after that, give the last warning to such utterances whereby if he maintains his position, he will be subject to removal from the building.

You can see the picture of what went on, what can you say about it?

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