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Greediness? Bill Proposes Governors, MCAs To Be Paid 80% of Their Salary For The Rest Of Their Lives

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With less than 12 months remaining before next year's general elections, politicians from different capacities have already started drafting retirement plans as their term comes to an end. 

In a new move by the County assembly forum, speakers of the 47 counties are planning to table a bill that looks to increase the send of packages for Governors, deputies, and MCAs. The Bill by the county assemblies forum to be debated by Assemblies of all counties. 

The bill is proposing that retired governors are paid 80% of basic pay monthly on top of the one-year salary lamp some totaling to Ksh 10 million. The bill also proposes a 60% of the salary for retired Deputy Governors and MCAs. 

The payment will be made for the rest of their lives with the spouse receiving 50 % of the amount in case the individual dies. 

The pension package is set to be paid by county governments. However, the salaries and remuneration commission has warned that it will be impossible to ascertain the bill since it's too hefty and will require the parliament to be passed. 

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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