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Interesting Details Emerge On Why Mathira & Gichugu Are The Boiling Points Of Mt Kenya Politics

Rigathi Gachagua and Martha Karua have made a name for themselves in their native districts. Ndia Constituency, which separates the two sections, has never produced a Vice President under the independence Constitution or the 2010 Constitution, despite their proximity. Similarities can be found between the two districts. President Jomo Kenyatta created the Kirinyaga District, known for its tea, coffee, and milk production.

Before the founding president's decision, Gichugu, Karua's residence, and Ndia were all in Nyeri District. Since the Mwea settlement program was relocated from Embu, Eastern Province, to Kirinyaga, Central Kenya, provincial boundaries have only been altered once: to form a new district. A running partner for the top presidential contenders wouldn't have been chosen had Mzee Kenyatta not decided. On a recent trip to Karatina, Karua claimed to be a Mathira native to which her grandma was married. The fact that her grandmother was married in Nyeri County, where Karua visited with Raila Odinga, should disqualify a candidate from claiming to be a native of the area.

Both Mathira and Gichugu have sons who have held positions of influence in their respective societies. During Kenyatta's administration, Godfrey Kariithi served as the head of the Civil Service for 13 years and 28 years in government. Mathira's second MP, the late Davidson Ngibuini Kuguru, was the only elected official to hold a high office. Pre-colonially, Ngibuini was a friend of the kings and won an award of excellence from the queen. His influence began to spread during colonial times. In the years after the country's independence, he was elected to the Mathira Municipal Council and, in 1969, to the House of Representatives as a representative for the district. Ngibuini was appointed assistant minister for home affairs and national heritage by Mzee Kenyatta in 1974. "

After I became president, I nominated Ngibuini National Heritage Minister as my first choice. Ngibuini and Matu Wamae, two of Mathira's most powerful political figures, consistently outperformed each other in elections. It was Peter Kuguru, the father of politician and industrialist Peter Kuguru, who openly advocated for Raila when local politicians were prejudiced against him. Ngibuini As a result, Anna Ngibuini, the wife of David Mwaure Waihiga, is his daughter-in-law. When ICDC was created in 1954, Wamae was its first executive director.

New KCC's longest-serving board chair. Wamae and Ngibuini were responsible for making Mathira, Kangema, and Tigania the most violent districts in every election cycle. Moi created Mathioya Constituency to separate John Michuki and JJ Kamotho in their fight for the seat. Nderitu Gachagua, the first Nyeri governor, elected in 2002 under the Narc ticket, then challenged the National Alliance (TNA) in the region to be selected through the Grand National Union (GNU) in 2013, is another outspoken leader from Mathira (GNU). Rigathi entered politics after the death of his brother in 2017 and was elected MP. If they win in August, he'll be the first MP to be named Deputy President. As a Minister under Kibaki, Karua is the only daughter and child of Gichugu to make it this far in politics. According to the 2019 Housing and Population Census, Mathira Constituency has 158,960 people and 104492 registered voters.

One hundred thirty-five thousand five hundred fifty-one people call Gichugu home, with 92495 eligible to vote. Residents of Nyeri and Kirinyaga counties are reminded of a bloodbath that killed 29 young people in a dispute between two illegal cults, Vigilante and Mungiki, on the Ndia-Mathira border. As time went on, rumors about Karua began to circulate. Youth formed a vigilante gang to assassinate Mungiki after he harassed Ndiriti. Because of how politicians have used Karua's firm stance on law enforcement and her request that wrongdoers be reported to authorities, villagers have become suspicious of her and assume she is a supporter of an unregistered religious cult. According to Jeffitha Karua, politicians inflamed the populace to further their agendas. He claimed that "she's very tough on many issues" and that in the Kagumo case, "an innocent local could face the decision of taking his own life or being put to death," Karua said.

"It's no wonder Azimio will get more votes in Kirinyaga and Mathira than UDA," he said, citing her nomination. As Kirinyaga's sister, Gachagua had a more solemn and controlled demeanor. Counties including Mathira, Kirinyaga, and Mt. Kenya, will benefit from Gachagua's presence, according to UDA supporter Eunice Wanjiru in Mathira. For years, the region has been desperate for Ruto, and Gachagua is a welcome addition. Karua has our admiration, but she isn't the only one in the running. "We know it's Ruto and Raila," she asserted. Ndia and Mathira coffee farmers formed a cooperative association and named their coffee factory NdiMa. The name became a town and a shopping center. One of Kenya's most powerful ministers, Robinson Njeru Githae, was born in the more prominent Kirinyaga County, which has produced several high-ranking officials. Phillip Ndegwa, the third governor of the Central Bank of Kenya from 1982 to 1988, and James Kanyotu, the head of the Special Branch, are from Kirinyaga, Kenya. It has produced the president and the cabinet members. Chris Murungaru, Mutahi Kagwe, and Joe Mucheru.


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