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What you Didn't Know About the New Isreali Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett

The Israeli government yesterday voted to remove longer serving prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu from the top Israeli position and replace him with opposition leader Naftali Bennett. Below are facts about Bennett that are interesting to know;

Former Military Commando.

Bennett was drafted into the Israeli military and slowly rose through the Ranks to become an army Commando and eventually reserve army General in the Israeli military. He led and instructed many troops in the encounters with Lebanon which brought glory to his country.

Defense Minister.

Former Prime Minister Netanyahu appointed Bennett to be Israeli Defence minister. He increased the Israeli military presence in the West Bank and encouraged more Israelis to encroach the West Bank. Even hi current objectives include bear total Israeli occupation of the Palestinian West Bank territory.

Tech Businessman.

Bennet is a businessman by Profession and he mainly ventured into the technology sector. While at the USA, he made top defense security software which he sold to an American company. The Millionaire owns huge stakes in the Israeli technology sector and this contributed big in his rise to being a politician.

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