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The Potency Of The Stone

When we look at a stone we see it as inanimate creation whose significance is only masonry.Anyway,today I will be taking you to deeper realms as we dissect the word of God in depth.Are you ready?

In 1st Samuel 17:40,49-50 we come across the story of David.We see him choosing five smooth stones from the brook and he put them in a shepherd's bag.In the end,he used one of these stones to kill Goliath signifying the stone is greater than the sword.

This same stone Jacob slept on it as his pillow in ;Genesis 28:11.Jacob took the stone and used it as pillow, and he got the revelation of the kingdom of God.It is the stone that invoked the vision and that's why the following morning he poured oil on it;Genesis 28:18.

So by this stone, I tell you the truth If you can rest your head on the stone, you will not only defeat the Goliath in your life, you will not only defeat the Goliath on your way, but you shall know God and the revelation of his Kingdom, God shall reveal himself to you, because by this stone you shall know your God, and by resting your head on the stone you shall be inspired by God to know and to have knowledge about the secret to the power of God.

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