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Former President Sentenced to Life? Defendant Alleges What Was Promised to Him by Testifying Wrong

According to recent updates making the global airwaves, former Mozambique President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi has been sentenced to life imprisonment over treason allegations. This precedes after a court in Comoros found him guilty of the offence.

However, one of the defendants Bashir has come in defence of him allegedly making it known about what was promised to him by Testifying Wrongly against the accused.

In a move that caused a rife in speculations, Bashir told the court that the incumbent government led by president azali Assoumani promised him a pardon if he testifies the contrary way against Sambi.

However, the presidency side denied the allegations.

Amidst the proceedings, the court heard that Sambi who was in jail for four years over corruption has been engaging in an embezzlement scheme where he would sell comoroan passports to foreigners who operate in the gulf region, something which is considered treason and equivalent to life imprisonment when it comes to the law.

Despite the former president boycotting the hearing session last week over claims that he won't get a fair hearing, the court was obligated to make their decision by slapping him with a life term imprisonment.

His lawyer, Jan Fermon who couldn't conceal his deep resentment about the court decision has called out for an appeal in U.N bodies in Geneva. Apparently, he has termed the sentence illegal because the Comorian government doesn't appeal to such cases.

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