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Ann Waiguru Warns Boniface Mwangi Not To Insult Kirinyaga People

Today Hon. Ann Waiguru took to her twitter account a very strong warning to Boniface Mwangi. Besides that, Waiguru said that she will not respond to nonsensical posts, she went ahead and gave a strong warning.

Additionally, she advised him not to use her name in getting his next tranche of funding. Worthwhile to mention, Hon. Ann Waiguru ordered Boniface Mwangi not to insult the people of Kirinyaga, "do not insult the people of Kirinyaga," said Hon. Ann Waiguru.

She reminded him about what Kirinyaga people voted for. Some of which she mentioned on her twit was what the people of Kirinyaga voted for like development. Having said that, she went ahead to clarify the development projects which are already done to all Kirinyaga people. They voted for development that they can now see.

Notably, she again talked of the respect for the people of Kirinyaga. On her twit Ann Waiguru told Boniface to respect even their families.

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