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Museveni Will Enjoy These 7 Luxuries Should He Retire From Presidency

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the Commander-in-chief of the Ugandan People Defence Force (UPDF). He is also the President and head of government of the Republic of Uganda. President Museveni recently delivered the State of the Nation Address. There had been allegations that this would be his last address to the nation as president, though this is not our point of focus now.

President museveni has been the Head of the Government of Uganda since 1986, more than 30 years now. It goes without saying that the 75-year old (Born 1944, source: Wikipedia) Commander in Chief will someday retire.

The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda, in 2010, legislated an Act to provide for the retirement benefits and perks that would be awarded to a Retired President of Uganda.(Parliament of Uganda, Emoluments and Benefits of the President, Vice President and Prime Minister Act, 2010)

According to the Parliament Act, Museveni will reap the the following luxuries should he cease to hold office on the basis of retirement:

a) An allowance which is equal to 60% of his last salary while in office. Museveni had declared that his salary is UGSH 3.6 million

( Source: Museveni Speech about his salary :; First Lady discloses Museveni's Salary when she delivered the president's donation to combat Covid-19: )

UGSH 3.6 million is approximately Ksh 100K. This means that once Museveni retires, he will be entitled to a monthly salary of approximately Ksh60K.

b) Four government paid security officers who will guard and protect him from eminent threats.

c) Museveni will also be entitled to an allowance equal to 40 currency points, provided each month by the government to cater for his basic needs such as electricity, water and telephone bills.

d)Museveni will be entitled to first class travel should he be required by the State to carry out an official duty.

e) A senior personnel staff and other two domestics staff will also be attached to Museveni should he retire from office.

f) After his retirement, Museveni would want to go town running or attend state functions to which he is invited. The government would provide him with a chauffeur driven car for these two activities. The car would also help him in visiting his country home once a month, of which expenses will be catered for by the state.

g)Museveni will also be entitled to a fully furnished house provided by the Government of Uganda. He will also be awarded 1000 currency points for acquiring furniture for the house, and thereafter be eligible for a payment of 500 currency points after every five years to replace his furniture.

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