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"We Are Suffering in Saudi Arabia, Please Help Us," Kenyan Ladies Cry For Assistance

Several Kenyan citizens are suffering in the United Arabs Emirates( UAE), they are assaulted and even goes without food.

In a viral video on social media, few Kenyan ladies have explained how they have been suffering in Saudi Arabia.

"We were visiting Saudi Arabia for holiday and our time to stay in the country has expired," one of them explained.

When they arrived in Saudi Arabia, they were received by a lady who was to host them until when they will leave.

Their travel documents which included visas were taken by a sponsor who promised to return them once their exit from the country 'arrives.'

However, after a few days sponsor went missing leaving them under the 'protection' of the hosting lady.

The lady took advantage and she started mistreating the Kenyan citizen according to what they said.

Kenyan ladies have explained that they are forced to work restlessly even when one falls sick.

The host would assault them if they fail to complete the given task. When they complain they are transferred to different areas to continue working.

They have tried to seek help from the Kenyan embassy situated in Riyadh, but the embassy declined. It said that they are dealing with visitors who came under contract not tourist.

Those ladies have called for the Kenyan government through Uhuru Kenyatta to plead for them so that they may get a chance to back home.

Here is the link to the video clip for more information about torture and suffering the ladies are narrating.

This incident reminds us of the story of Lavin Oloo, a 19 years old Kenyan girl who was reportedly suffering in Saudi Arabia in 2014.

She worked restless without a salary for 2 months after her sponsor declined to give her travel documents to come back home.

Kenya embassy had come out with the project of issuing exit visa to citizen suffering in the country to back home.

However, due to the emergency of the Covid-19 disease, the embassy seems to have cooled down the idea.

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