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The Curse Of Vice Presidency

(Deputy President William Ruto.Photo;Courtesy)

The ongoing wrangles between President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are not new if history is anything go by as past vice presidents have experienced mistreatments.

The second most powerful position in the country has always been marred with failed friendships and back stabbing.

Since the first Vice president Jaramogi Oginga Odinga to the current 11th principle assistant of the president William Ruto,a lot has changed .However,one thing has remained constant -strange relations between the head of state and his assistant.

Despite the decades of changes in terms of the leadership styles brought about by a new constitution,the two have been on cross purposes and involved in proxy wars that have now graduated to bare knuckles attacks.

As history repeats itself,the only difference has been how the respective principal assistants handle their predicamebts.Some choose to stick to their guns while other like Kenya's first Vic president Jaramogi Odinga decided to surrender.

(Jaramogi Odinga.Photo;Courtesy)

On 14th August 1966,Jaramogi wrote a resignation letter.

"You have not given any consideration to me as your number 2 in state matters.I have a conscience and this,in fact,does prick me when I earn public money but with no job to do.I consider this a waste of public money and I am worried lest the future generation questions my sincerity when they learn that I allowed myself to hold a sinecure post in the midst of poverty and misery in our country.With this realization I cannot continue to hold this position any larger and I hereby tender my resignation," he wrote.

(Joseph Murumbi.Photo;Courtsey)

Joseph Murumbi quickly filled Jaramogis position,Kenya second vice president which he resigned six months later.

(Retired President Daniel Arap Moi Photo;Courtesy)

The third VP retired President Daniel Aral Moi took over the reigns which had shelves of mistreatments from the Mt.Kenya mafia who did all they could to block his ascendency to power.

The next one Vice president Mwai Kibaki who served for ten years was however shown the door for being demoted to a mere cabinet minister.

Kibaki was replaced by professor Josephat Karanja who was unceremoniously bundles out if the office over 'kneel before me' allegations.

Next on line was Professor George Saitoti who was sacked on August 30th 2002,a few months to the 2002 general elections.

The professor of mathematics would not handle the maths of being the second in command.

According to Hermald Manyora,a political analyst,Ruto currently enjoys law protection.

"Ruto cannot leave beacuse the president has said so.He is protected by the constitution," he said adding that Uhuru has only one legal option which is 'Vote of no confidence'

Manyora said that Ruto will leave at a time when he gets maximum politics capital out of it.

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Jaramogi Jaramogi Odinga.Photo Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Kenyatta Uhuru Muigai


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