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Trans Nzoia Crowd Go Wild as Noah Wekesa Revisits Wanameme's Prophecy on Raila's Bid That Should Pass

Photo:Orange Democratic Movement Party Leader, Raila Odinga interacting with his supporters in Transnzoia county.

A thunderous moment was witnessed among the huge crowd of Raila Odinga supporters. Who had turned out in large numbers to grace his tour in Matisi, Transnzoia County.

When veteran western politician, Noah Wekesa revisited a prophecy made by the famous prophet Elijah Wanameme on the country's leadership. That seemly related to Raila's Odinga yet to be declared presidential quest.Which allegedly should come to pass.

Photo: Raila Odinga's supporters at a stopover.

Noah Wekesa affirmed in the prophecy saying now it's time for Transnzoia to support Raila Odinga.In obedience to Prophet Elijah Wanameme's prophetic word.

According to the prophecy as said by Noah Wekesa in relation to the 2022 statehouse bid. Kenyans should expect a leader coming from the lakeside.

Hence, Raila may become Kenya's fifth President, should Wanameme's prophecy come to pass.Given that he is the only leader hailing from the lake region with a presidential aspiration.

'Ovwami vulalurira emachi," Noah Wekesa said. Which can be loosely translated as, "leadership will come from the lake."

Further, the politician stated that after Raila clinching the top seat. The leadership mantle will then be vested upon the Luhya community. As per prophecies said by prophet Elijah Wanameme.

Photo:Orange Democratic Movement Party Leader, Raila Odinga, his allies interacting with his supporters.

"Mambo ya Elijah Wanameme imefika, sasa tuna taka kuunga mkono baba. Halafu baada ya hapo uongozi utarudi kwa jamii ya waluhya," Noah Wekesa said. Which can be loosely translated as;

"Prophetic words by Elijah Wanameme are yet to come to pass. That is why we are now supporting baba. Later after Raila, the leadership mantle will be back to the Luhya community."

Photo: Raila Odinga being welcomed by Veteran Politician, Fred Gumo in Transnzoia County today.

Please click to watch the video on this link. As premiered via Raila's Facebook page. The scene unfolds from 15.00 minutes.

What is your take. Please share your hilarious thoughts.

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