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Don't Fear Competition Just Choose Your Stand, Citizens React As Dp Ruto Insists On Consesus

His excellence William Samoel Ruto has found himself on the receiving end after his tweet that he suggested that even if there was going to be signature launch, he is not ready to lead a "NO" campaign as this will divide Kenyan. 

His tweet has received a lot of reaction as people tell him that he should choose his side and stop being a coward while others are encouraging him not to give in leading a No campaign because that's what the system wants. 

He tweeted "Even with the SIGNATURE launch there is still a real chance at CONSENSUS for a NON-DIVISIVE referendum that will give kenyans the opportunity to EXPRESS themselves without an US vs THEM, WIN vs LOSE contest. UNITY is the STRENGTH needed to fight COVID19 and organise the ECONOMY."

Here are some of the top reactions from his tweet:

@frankmtetezi: Don't fear competition of a Yes Or No winning just choose a stand ,This is how democracy works however good we can decorate this BBI document there will be still those who will oppose it , Let their NO be heard at the Ballot !! #NobodyCanStopReggae !!

@kiruichebet: our Excellency they should not push you lead NO BBI team.continue with the conversation of empowering youths and women under the spirit of HUSTLER MOVEMENT. The BBI fraud crusaders should not force and blackmail you to achieve their hidden agenda #hustlernation

@salama: Why would one push him to oppose multiparty,mau conservation,ippg,fight against corruption,new constitution and handshake why should he be pushed on this.

@frankmtetezi: Tutaenda hivi hivi usikie in 2022 we want a non- contested general election because it will create US Vs THEM ,winners and losers , Is it hard to say YES or NO as your stand , why meander till the last minute , Let be genuine a times 😂😂 #BBISignatureLaunch

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