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Meet the Top Highest Paid Kenyan Government Officials

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Kenya’s government officials have numerous duties to carry in every day, with this reason of undertaking their responsibilities, they earn the most lucrative salaries in the country. We at opera news we are going to list down the most paid official in Kenyan government, who do you think are the highest-paid government officials in Kenya? Have a look at this list;

1. H. E Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, is the current president of the republic of Kenya. He makes the top highest paid in Kenya’s government, with the earnings of around Ksh. 1,750,000. 

2. H. E Dr. William Samoei Ruto. Deputy President makes the second paid person in Kenya, with the earnings of Ksh. 1,487,500.

3. Kenneth Makelo Lusaka, the National Assembly Speaker, is third in line among people who have the best paying government job in Kenya. His earnings are Ksh. 1,380,351. 

4. Lady Justice Martha Koome, Kenya's chief Justice, earns a basic salary of Ksh990,000 with allowances that could see her take home up to Ksh1.3 million. 

5. Prof. George Magoha, joins the top 5 highest paid Kenyans government. He earns Ksh. 1,120,000. 

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