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Kenyan's React After NYS Officer Was Spotted Cleaning Ababu Namwamba Shoes

A section of Kenyan's have reacted to the viral photo of National Youth Service officer cleaning shoes of Cabinet Secretary for sports Ababu Namwamba. Here is a Facebook link with full evidence showing the picture which is currently trending online.

Furthermore, Kenyans have reacted to this matter thus resulting to mixed reactions among them.

Christopher said as follows "I see no problem with that the NYS guy is just trying to impress the CS so as maybe to gain something maybe a job. No kujipendekeza tu a trend na apewe kazi". Edwin said as follows "So longer the officer was paid cleanness was nature".Priscilla said as follows "My word, that is so entitled. Wait till your citizens don't appreciate your civil servants".

Emmanuel said as follows "No big deal, they are trained to be disciplined officers". George said as follows "These guys are very well trained. Cleanliness, order, tidiness, humility and respect is all part of it. The good officer was just applying this and there is no mention that the CS ordered him to shine his shoes".

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