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Opinion. Reason Why ODM_KANU Coalition Is A Nightmare For The Deputy President William Ruto

The long time ruling party in Kenya the Kanya African National Union (KANU) party is currently under the son of the Kenyan second president Daniel moi,hon Gedion Moi, from the rift valley region.

Although this remnant party is not having many legislators in the country and that many of it's leaders are from the same region,does not deter it from being strong.

If this part can merge with the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) of Raila Ondinga then Ruto will have a sleepless night.

This is because KANU has been in government for a long time hence majority of its members are mature politically as compared to UDA members.

ODM party on the other side has also service politically hence also has mature politically hence ODM party and KANU party leaders are perceived to be mature politically.

Being that KANU has command base from the Rift Valley region which is seen as William Ruto strongbase,the party will divide votes that are meant to be Ruto's hence giving Raila added advantage.

KANU as long term party also has support from other regions,now if the votes from other regions are also casted to Raila's advantage then Raila will have more advantage over William Ruto.

The two families that is Raila's and Moi's are well known in Kenya since independence hence can be trusted with leadership and custodian to people's properties. Even the bussiness class and the wealthy in Kenya can easily trust the two other than trusting William Ruto hence giving them added advantage over William Ruto.

Unity purposes. KANU party is seen as a unifying party and the ODM party,hence,they can easily be voted in to unite the country even further than this other parties that are perceived to be based on individual problems or whose main aim is to take over power.

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