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5 Reasons Why President Ruto May Bow To Opposition

With the scheduled massive public protest on Monday 20th organized by Azimio Leader Mr. Odinga ,the resistance to Kenya Kwanza regime may be more powerful that President Ruto will have to bow and swallow his pride.

The reasons why President Ruto may not be able to contain that situation includes the following:

1. International Resistance:

The opposition side led by Raila may receive support from other international organizations especially those involved with human rights, and that my give the opposition a legitimacy edge.

2. Citizens Support:

Opposition side is likely to get the popularity advantage over the government because most Kenyans have a feeling that in deed the cost of living is unbearable for them. As a matter of fact, some citizens on the Kenya Kwanza side also feel that President Ruto needs to do something to make the current economic situation better.

3. Public cohesion:

Apparently, Azimio supporters are much ready to follow whatever Baba tells them. Dedpite loosing the presidency seat to Dr. Ruto, Mr. Odinga still has almost half of Kenyan population behind him and that can cause great problems for the government if they decide to go against the government.

4. Regular summons by Azimio Leders:

Holding regular rallies to address may make it easier for the opposition team organize more strength. The rallies enables the Opposition leader to study the public participation willingness and how to improve and plan for a successful approach.

5. Political momentum in the Opposition Side:

Those who don't support Azimio's ideas may later on feel like the team is making progress, and that change is coming soon, so that might encourage other people to support their cause and give them a feeling of impending success.

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