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Why Kenya should move to digital elections as early as for the 2022 general election.

As the election period is coming close and closer, citizens are left stranded in balancing between moving to jobs or going to vote. As digital oriented country it's high time we invest into digital elections. Here are some of the advantages for the process;

1. Cost effective.

Every voter will be encouraged to process and send their votes using phones , laptops or any other network computers.

As at 2020, the total number of subscribed phones in Kenya was estimated to be 64.41 million whereas the total number of voters in Kenya as at 2022 is less than 23 million.

This shows that every voter is capable of accessing a mobile phone at his zone. This will reduce the cost IEBC incurres to purchase the ballot papers, boxes and other items. Also the IEBC will not have to hire workers to oversee the election process.

Instead all the money that was to be used for this process can be channeld into other economic activities.

2. Results are accurate.

Every vote custed digitally will be automatically counted by the computer systems in contrary to the analogue counting of votes where people are hired for the job. Human beings are prone to errors hance inaccurate election results are experienced.

3. Increased election security.

Resently, the world was hit by the COVID pandemic which restricted human gatherings across the world. This perhaps could hinder the the physical voting process as people will be forced to make lines.

But by digitizing the election process, every voter can have his vote processed and submitted at the comfort of their homes or even work places. This will reduce the spread of the decease now and in future.

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