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Read What Happened To The First US President Who Refused To Leave Office After Losing

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As the United States of America 2020 election comes to a reasonable point and the incumbent, President Donald Trump is not ready to leave the office if he loses, it's important to remember that if he refuses to leave, he will be the second person in the US history to do so.

What happened to the first man who does so?

On 4 March 1801 John Adams, the second president of the United States, declined to grant office to Thomas Jefferson, his key opponent at the 1800 elections. The law was not yet written at midday on 20 January. THE OFFICE Clearly LEFT HIM amid its stubbornness!

After thomas Jefferson had been sworn in at an event where the incumbent declined to attend the Whitehouse workers, he began to withdraw the President's things from the White House. The official contact is disrupted by all security bodies. Both presidential workers have stopped taking Adams' instructions–s– THE OFFICE MOVED.

From that point on all White House officers are planning to leave the case at an early stage and they are seeing signs of losing to prevent embarrassment by independent State agencies (The military, The secret service, the CIA, the FBI and all the staff in the White House.

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