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Opinion: Five Things You Must Have To Win an Election in Kenya

1. Money/Resources

Money runs everything. During elections, not all people follow money however the majority want it. There have been views of whether it's possible to win a political seat without using money, It might be true but such instances are few. The reality is an aspiring political leader needs money to conduct a successful campaign, In-fact the more cash you have the better. looking at the type of advertisements competing candidates employ, the mode of security, Travelling arrangements, daily commitments, and meetings, speaks of how tough or easy it to win an election is. A lot needs to be done on the ground. pocket size plays a key role, a Candidate with a lean pocket might win but he will have a rough time and a huge mountain to climb. This is not to suggest that someone must be wealthy and affluent to win an election but being one puts a candidate in a more advantageous position. The fact that you need money to win remains solid, whether you will source it from loans, grants donations, personal wealth, political parties, whatever channel you choose the more money you have the better.

2. Knowledge

The ability to blend charisma, talents, jokes, lies, facts, and promises to quench the voter's desires requires a concrete understanding of the underlying facts. The confidence to stand before people, command the language as you address issues affecting people requires a detailed understanding of the prevailing conditions. To counter challenge and launch an attack on the opponent and emerge as the most preferred takes most of the mental ability to think well and analyze strategies. In addition, voters want to see how you are going to make their lives better if they choose you. They will break down and audit every aspect of your past life. Do they envision the kind of leader they would like to be associated with or just an apprentice bubbling with water in the pretense of knowing to swim.

 3. Numbers

With or without your presence, how many people can vote for you? Without you campaigning how many people can still vote for you. Which areas can you claim to be your voters-based zones, you are sure of getting the figures automatically. How many people have confidence and trust in your leadership, How many people buy into your ideas and promises naturally? It takes energy, work, time, patience for political leaders to build a following.

 4. Slogan

What are you known for, when your name is mentioned what comes into the people's minds first. What can people liken you with? what consistent thing have you done in the past to make people believe you can deliver to their expectations. What you have always stood for will speak much of your ability and enhance or belittle your chances of being elected.

5. Good relationship with the prevailing government.

Time to call a spade a spade and a spoon a spoon, in Kenya government has the power to influence your election. It can decide your political fate. Being affiliated with government agendas is an automatic plus on your back. Rumors have been hard attesting governments' ability to command a candidate's election even if the voters don't prefer the person. At long last against the voter's desires, the dude still gets elected.

As we rest this case, do you agree with our analysis or you feel like something has been omitted or even compromised? let us know in the comments section. we would like to hear your feedback.

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