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A group of female aspirants in Kakamega County asks for protection after this emerges

A group of female aspirants from Kakamega County have urged the government to protect them ahead of the next elections.

The aspirants also appealed to local and international partners to support them as they seek to dislodge male aspirants.

"We are not scared to face our male opponents but we are just taking precautions as early as this. We need support from the concerned authorities," said the aspirants led by Nominated MCA Jackline Okanya.

They said women go through a lot of challenges in politics compared to their male counterparts.

They said the local culture and beliefs favoured men over women.

Speaking in Kakamega town, the aspirants said they were vulnerable financially and security-wise.

"Many of our people still think women are not supposed to join politics. That is why no woman was elected MP for all the twelve constituencies in our county. They did not even vie," said Okanya who is seeking the Mumias West parliamentary seat.

Fellow Nominated MCA Lucie Mugalla said they were subjected to all manner of harassment because of their gender.

Ms. Mugalla who is eyeing the Idakho East Ward seat, in Ikolomani, said her male opponents were employing all schemes to eliminate her from the race.

"Our opponents use all means and can even harm you if you are not careful just because you are a woman. That is why we are appealing to the government and well-wishers for support," she added.

The duo is among less than ten women who have declared their interests in various political seats in the county.

A majority of them are, however, seeking the seat of Women Representative which is their preserve.

By Denis Lumiti  September 23  

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