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Oburu Odinga Speaks About the Possibility of Ruto Working with Raila Again on a Live TV Interview

The elder brother to the ODM Leader has once again weighed in on a possibility of Raila Odinga ever working with his political nemesis Doctor William Ruto.

The EALA Member of Parliament Honorable Oburu Odinga who was speaking on TV47 while asked about the issue claimed that his brother Raila Odinga is a man who doesn’t like harboring grudges and enmity and therefore there is a possibility that he can still work with Ruto if need be.

“Raila doesn’t have grudge with any leader to an extent that he can refuse to alias with any for the Nation’s common good,” responded Oburu.

Oburu Odinga has in the past been accused of always making very controversial remarks about Raila’s 2022 game plans however on Wednesday night March 3, 2021 he seemed to have been proceeding with a lot of moderation.

 When asked whether Raila will rely on President Uhuru’s endorsement, he denied it stating categorically that Raila will not peg his presidential candidacy on the Uhuru’s endorsement.

“We as ODM are not expecting President Uhuru to say ‘Raila Tosha’ in 2022 however if he can say that then it will also be a good thing,” stated Oburu.

While discrediting a notion that has often been advanced by some of the anti-BBI crusaders that the BBI is meant to benefit the ODM leader, Oburu said that the Building Bridges Initiative is a process meant to benefit the whole nation and has nothing to do with Raila’s candidacy in 2022.

Well, we live in a very interesting political times as leaders from different divides warm up for the 2022 presidential contest. A say goes that in politics there is no permanent enemies and if that is the truth then perhaps Doctor Oburu’s assertions about a possibility of Ruto working together with Raila should not be ignored. 

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