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Photos Of American's Worst Slums That Are Never Displayed On Media

Good morning everyone on our platform, we believe that you are fine and doing well as we all look forward to a better future, it is our duty to inspire you and more so bring you good content that will inspire you to your dreams, today, we have a very exciting Topic if discussion, sit back and relax.

Most of us love travelling to other Countries that are far much better than Kenya on Matters of Development and infrastructure,one of these Countries is The United States Of America, everyone here wishes to be there at one time. However, have you ever imagined that the Famous United States also has slums and poor people living among them?

Nearly 50% of the houses in Argentina don't have potable water and sewage systems connected to the public network. 2 million people live in slums near Buenos Aires. Overcrowding in the city (1/3 of the population live in the metropolitan area) mean that the housing problems are concentrated in that urban zone.

Lastly, I would like to encourage all of us to maintain the Rules and regulations that have been set by the Ministry of Heavy in conjunction with the Government to ensure that there is minimal of no death among our People due to the effects of the Corona Virus.

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