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"I Have Called Ruto Corrupt And I Still call Him Corrupt" Miguna Give Reasons For Chosing Ruto

Miguna Miguna has refuted charges that she is a typical Kenyan politician who changes allegiances based on personal considerations.

Miguna, on the other hand, says that his opinion of DP William Ruto being corrupt has not altered.

Supporting the previous prime minister, the lawyer continued, would be tantamount to institutionalizing authoritarianism.

Raila Odinga, Miguna stated in an interview with KDRTV, was the one who was doing it by supporting President Kenyatta.

"I'm the only one who hasn't moved." Raila is the one who has quit the struggle, as I have previously stated. Following my imprisonment, Raila allegedly colluded with President Uhuru Kenyatta to kidnap me, blow up my house, and deport me from Kenya after torturing me," Miguna stated.

Raila succumbed to people who manipulated his elections in the past by agreeing to cooperate with President Kenyatta, he added.

He accused the ODM leader of backing President Kenyatta while he continues to bury the country in debt for his personal gain, claiming that he is the one advocating for decent governance.

Miguna, on the other hand, argues that he has not changed his mind about DP William Ruto being corrupt, as he previously described him, despite his support for his presidential campaign.

"I say it's a load of crap because I haven't changed." Dr. Ruto has been branded corrupt before, and I continue to do so. I didn't change, I didn't say he's good, I didn't say he's clean, do you understand? "I'm saying Raila is considerably worse, far worse," Miguna remarked.

His choice to back Ruto is based on his belief that the ODM leader is a traitor. Raila, Miguna claimed, had betrayed him, as had all the other persons with whom he had previously worked.

Raila betrays his fans and acts as if he has a brain; perhaps he does. Perhaps Uhuru has taken over his mind and he is now merely a puppet in Uhuru's eyes. Raila has deceived Msando, me, and everyone else with whom he has worked. Which one would you choose if Raila was a betrayer, a traitor, or someone who is evil but hasn't betrayed you? "No one would choose a traitor," he said.

Supporting the previous prime minister, the lawyer continued, would be tantamount to institutionalizing authoritarianism.

"Uhuru Kenyatta is the worst dictator Kenya has had since its ostensible independence. Uhuru Kenyatta should step down and return home, but Raila is attempting to resurrect Uhuru so that he may reign through Raila.

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