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The Different Types of Politicians in Kenya

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Being a politician is one of the hardest tasks in Kenya. This is because most people see you as a cash cow, and only come to you when they need financial help. If you want to be a politician, you need to know how to act and pretend so that you do not remain poor by giving out everything to the needy.

1. The Hustler.

These politicians are very rare. They do not have much money, and do not own any vehicles. They like to complain on how most politicians are sleeping on their jobs. Most of them are not elected.

2. The Promise maker.

These politicians like to woo citizens with false promises so as to be elected. They only work when elections are in the corner, and you only see them during the campaign period. Most of them are after government funds.

3. The tenderprenure.

These are the best Politicians in Kenya. They love to intiate projects, and ensure that their promises are kept. They are always on the ground looking out for any project that needs completion. Most of them are very corrupt as they love to divert some funds to their relatives.

4. The Representatives.

These politicians are there to represent you. They are very quiet and you will only see them during the campaign period. Their houses are always locked, and people are only welcomed when looking for votes.

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