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Why are current leaders of world powers elderly [senior citizens]?

Boris Johnson 56 years

Merkel 66 years,

Xi Jinpig 70 years,

Suga 72 years, 

Biden 78 years,

1 Mohammed bin salman crown prince of Saudi Arabia and defacto ruler is 35years born in 1985 2 Sanna Marin prime minister of Finland is 35 being born in 1985

3 Kim Jun Un supreme leader of North Korea is 37years,born 1984 

4 Jacinda Ardern prime minister of New Zealand is 40 years being born in 1980

5 Justin Trudeau 49years but was 43 since his term as prime minister.

There are young leaders around,but the norm is that the chief of executive or prime minister be 50 or older(but usually 70 or below).The reason being that young politicians typically do not have enough political pull within party mechanisms.And national media due to junior positions and lack of long term exposure.Although exceptions can currently be made.

This limitations typically prevent successful campaign for young upcoming politicians.And instead they build their seniority by either working as government ministers and agency chiefs or as a legislator for a long duration to build the political machine and profile.

The 50s and 60s is usually when anyone in any industry typically hit their peak years;enjoying their high incomes and ranks before retiring or being pushed to obscurity.

It is the typical age group before the usual retirement age.And most candidates for the top job are dominated by those who are already high profile and have significant seniority and experience.

Young politicians that succeed inn being president/prime minister /autocrat usually follow three routes

1 Revolutions,coups or other turbulent and violent means (young leaders in post-colonial Africa such as Sankaro of Burkina Faso,Vladimir,Lenin/Joseph.Stalin during and after Russian civil war,Kim ll Sung after Korean independence following WW2,Ataturk after WW2).

2 Family heritage and its political inheritance(Mohammed Bin Salman,Kim Jun Un and Justine Trudeau.

3 Existing fame outside politics or charisma coupled with great timing.(JFK as a war hero and author,Obama post 2004 DNC speech).

The above three steps are hard to duplicate as the second case is basically a pure stroke of luck (heritage).And the first case is being born in the right era (age of revolutions,independence,wars etc.) Or ruthlessly making the country for your taking via purges.The 3rd is only viable case during peace time and that needs above average cleverness,great timing (such as when anti establishment wave is strong or your demographic/experience/position is more coveted than usual)and a good support network.

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