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Big Surprise as Ramaphosa Vows to Dump All Illegal Immigrants to Kenya Days After Meeting Uhuru

South Africa is said to have entered a deal with Uhuru to dump all illegal immigrants from their country into Kenya. This means Kenya is the dumping site of all foreign nationals who entered South Africa illegally be Kenyans or fro other nations.

The deal is meant to ease Visa restrictions to Kenyans living and working in South Africa. It's however an interesting matter and a big blow to Kenya given some of this immigrants have never been to Kenya before hence a violation of human rights as well an danger to Kenyans.

Why South Africa and Uhuru have decided to dump illegal immigrants into Kenya is an interesting matter. It's like Kenya has turned out to be the dumping site of all unwanted foreign nationals who live in South Africa a sour deal indeed.

Uhuru Kenyatta is said to have entered into deals with South Africa clearly not for the benefit of the country or it's citizens. It's clear having illegal immigrants even from other nations into Kenya is not good for it's a fact some of those immigrants have criminal records and so on. However as always it's a matter of wait and see of what happens once those immigrants are dumped into Kenya from South Africa.

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