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Opinion: The 'Asimio' And 'Heroo' Tags Are Doing More Good Than Harm To Martha Karua

In the world of politics,opponents do anything and everything just to get an edge over the other.The latest has been the 'Asimio' and 'Heroo' tags that opponents have branded Azimio coalition's running mate Martha Karua.This tag comes from her difficulty in pronouncing the words Azimio and Hello as a result of her ethnic background.The opponents thought this tags would embarrass Karua and make her a laughing stock something they would use to their advantage.Shockingly,the tags are currently doing more good than harm to Karua.She has proudly accepted this tag and is even using them on her social media platforms something that has excited many Kenyans.This tags are as a result of her background in Kirinyaga and the fact that she is a Meru.Trying to make fun of her is simply trying to make fun of the other Merus and people from the region something they have not taken lightly.Most of them are actually deciding to support Karua to show the rest they are not ashamed of who they are and to prove them wrong.Karua has gained more followers rather than actually losing them due to the name tags.

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