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Water Crisis Rocks Mwingi Central, Livestock Dying, Residents Go For Weeks Without Fresh Water

Monday, 22nd March is an annual UN observance day that highlights the importance of freshwater. The day is used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources but for the residents of Mwingi Central and other Kitui County places it was more than a mourning day due to lack of fresh water for months now.

On average, people – mostly women and girls – have to walk over 10 kilometers to get to the nearest source of drinking water. The problem is the increasingly short and irregular rainy seasons. And when it rains heavily, most of the water runs off unused.

Mwingi residents have appealed to the government to solve the current water shortage, which has seen many rely on contaminated water.

Our informer from the region came face to face with residents and their livestock milling around dried-up boreholes. Our attempts to reach out to the area MCA and Member of parliament went unnoticed both their Personal assistants had little or no information to offer about the problem.

Water scarcity has been the biggest problem in the region and among the Kitui County Governor’s five pillars which she used to campaign during 2017 general election campaigns.

Governor Ngilu, who together with her administration and the responsible cecm and other officers in ministry have totally failed to address the issue of water problem especially from the larger Mwingi region.

Someone should tell HE Governor Ngilu to solve the larger Mwingi water problem before she leaves the office come 2022!! – Posted Sammy Mailu alias Ndumbuli

Residents from the region have been calling out on their leaders, not just the Governor to intervene and help them solve the water menace in the last few months in vain.

The long and short of it is the failure by our county leadership representation in the regime to ask diligently for larger Mwingi share – Posted Mwingi Central resident

HE DG Dr. Wathe, CECM Koki Musau alias Kuvasila, CECM water Muthusi, CECM Stephen Kyalo Maithya, Mwingi Central MP Hon Gideon Mulyungi, and Mwingi central ward MCA Mary Philip among other leaders have all been on the spot about the neglecting of people’s water problem.

They are all immobilized and circumvented by the executive power of the regime. Their minds can work, the body lacked bargaining energy and their spirit has been intimidated to the core. – Advised Former Kitui County Speaker Hon Titus Ndemwa

Minister like CECM Koki Musau, CECM Muthusi, CECM Stephen Kyalo Maithya, H.E DG DR. Wathe, CO Songolo Mbii, Mwingi Town Administrator, and Mwingi Central ward MCA Mary Philip should come up with a solution for water unless they have other plans to sabotage Governor mission for clean water .

Failure of such officers to help their boss and those elected to lobby for the lasting solutions on water scarcity in the region, then this government and the region’s elected leaders would have totally failed.

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