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Reason Why Ferdinand Waititu's Ksh588 Million Graft Case Was Dropped

On Thursday, October 6th, the former governor of Kiambu was given a stay of proceedings in the Ksh588 million fraud case.

The prosecution's failure to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Waititu had stolen public cash through proxies and kickbacks led to the dismissal of his case.

The former county administrator was impeached in 2020 because of allegations of improper awarding of a Ksh. 588 million road tender.

All of his vehicles and other property were frozen by the court as part of the case pending the outcome of a complaint filed with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

Kiambu County Governor Ferdinand Waititu Babayao is in a tight spot, but he still maintains a firm grip on power. Vultures are circling the county administration building as the big politician's nose bleeds money due to dubious budget allocations.

Many residents advocate for Waititu's arrest and prosecution, but the county executive doesn't seem to mind that he might be forced to eat his dinner in a stinky police cell bucket again, as he did in 2016.

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