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Kenyans React To Ahmednasir's Tweet After Posting A Photo Tagging Junet Mohamed.

Ahmednasir who is among the famous people on social media in Kenya today tweeted on his twitter page that I like the campaign schedule/timetable made by Hon Junet Mohamed for Hon Raila campaign half a day, rest 6 and half days.

Hustler tweeted, "Anybody but Raila Odinga and I think the message is very clear we can't have a puppet as a president only Intrested in perpetuating plutocracy and kakistocracy bomet was amazing, kericho was great and now we can officially say stars have aligned Williams Ruto is the 5th."

Joseph tweeted, "This is how an opponent is out-fired, out-maneuvered and ultimately pulverised. how do you rest when an enemy is on a roll firing on all cylinders? The nonsense that drives some lazy people 2 talk of vifafaranga vya computa."

Ali tweeted, "Mzee is tired. Can't catch up. He needs to refuel the pockets and energy. Earthquake was felt greatly. Fuliza limit reached hata the billionaires are scared now. Nikama investment ya bitcoin."

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