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The Use of the Kalenjin Hut With a Pointer on the Roof Top

In olden times,throughout our time, and todate Kalenjin ceremonies were supposed to be held in a hut with a pointer called Kip(mony)joguut which is designed in a phallic manner. This was to symbolize fertility and blessings unlike ceremonies held in rectangular houses.

Even the gourd used for containing beer or honey (by Ogieek) for blessings is designed like phallus which is the instrument of fertility.

Kip(mony)joguut(Pointer) is prominent in houses belonging to Kemetic and Cushitic people of Kenya, Ethiopia,Eritrea, parts of Sudan and elsewhere in Africa.Look at the root word of the Kipmonujoguut(mony) in bracket and do some suffix addendum ! The one pictured here is a typical Eritrean hut in that country’s rural countryside.

There was a philosophy why ceremonies were conducted in such houses and the same philosophy is the same in Ethiopia among the Oromo, Kunama and other African communities.

Harusit ab Kanisa does not mean a church wedding in the context lay people use. This is because Kanisa means Village a word from Nganaseet or Enkanasa in Maasai, Knesset (village) in Hebrew. Knesset is also Israeli parliament. Harusit ab Kanisa literally means “ Village wedding”.

After performing weddings in such a house, Dr Alfred Claud Hollis writes in “The Nandi” that poiyot at Tum blesses the wedding party as follows, reproduced verbatim:

Poiyot ab tum:Olenjin tumi, bor ole bor(Tell this wedding, it will prosper,say it will proper

Elders: Boor!

Poiyot ab Tum: Olenjin tumi baibai ole baibai!

Elders: baibai

Poiyot ab tuum: Kai kotinye tibik ole tinye

Elders: tinye

Poiyot ab tuum: tinye murenik ole tinye!

Elders: tinye!

Poiyot ab tuum: Ko limyo mwai ole limyo

Elders: Limyo!

Poiyot ab Tuum: Komie boisiek, kole ko borot ole borot

Elders: boroot!

Poiyot ab Tuum: komi chepyosok ole borot!

Elders; boroot!

Poiyot ab tum: Olenjin porioni bor ole bor!

Elders: boor!

Poiyot: Tumdanyoo kim ole kim!


Kin ole king!

Content created and supplied by: MissRova (via Opera News )

Alfred Claud Hollis Ethiopia Harusit Kanisa Knesset


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