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Like Father, Like Son: Meet Gideon Moi's Media Shy Son And The Expensive Game He Plays

Gideon Moi is the Senator of Baringo County as well as the Party leader of KANU. Other than politics, Baringo Senator Gideon Moi is a family man. Gideon Moi has Zahra Moi as his beloved wife whereby together, they have been blessed by three children namely Lulu Moi, Kigen Moi and Kimoi who is the last born

Though they were all born in a political family, none of Gideon Moi's children have hinted about joining politics. This is more so for Kigen Moi who has mastered another career in the world of sports. Kigen Moi to start is a studeny at University of Bristol in England

One thing that Kigen Moi inherited from his father is the love for game of Polo which was Gideon Moi's favourite sports. Game of Polo by the way is a very expensive game whereby only few sports club in the country have it and is usually played on horseback between different competitors.

Kigen Moi however seems to be a pro more than his father, Gideon Moi. This was evident during the annual Nanyuki Polo Challenge Cup whereby Kigen’s team – Samsung Tab 4 – beat Gideon Moi's team Samsung NotePro 5, 5–2

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