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History: The Day President Putin's Plane Was Escorted By Swiss Fighter Jets. See The Reason

Many things do happen daily some which surprise people. One such incident that occurred some years ago was when Russia's president, Putin found himself in a convoy of fighter jets as he was leaving Switzerland. The incident caused a lot of tension in in Russia and the rest of Europe.

Putin had visited Switzerland and he was leaving for Russia in a state plane. On board were delegation officials and journalists. When they were in the sky, the were surprised to see Swiss fighter jets flying with them side by side. The journalists took pictures and recorded videos of the F/A 18 Swiss Air Force Fighter jets.

They were all shocked as they didn't know what was happening. The jets were so close to the state plane that those on board could see the faces of the pilots. However, immediately they crossed the Swiss border, the jets retreated just as the plane was planning to have an emergency landing.

Russia through its embassy in Switzerland later asked for explanation from the Swiss government as to why their plane had been followed by the jets. They replied that they had been making regular routine checks. They added that such checks were conducted about 400 times a year to check the credibility of foreign planes. It is like making patrols on the roads to see if the car has been stolen.

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