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Congo: Villagers Discover A Treasure Mountain-The Whole Mountain Is 90% Gold

Fortune has landed again to Democratic republic of Congo after villager discovered a mountain of blessing.The mountain has been equated to Eldorado , the land of gold.People all over the village have visited the place and they are digging the mountain and taking the treasure back home.The soil is then washed and smelted to dory.If indeed their is a blessing that God bestowed to His people then the Congolese received a better part of the blessings.For those who don't understand or know a little bit about Congo, then I an going to explain to you why Congo is among the most respected countries in the world apart from the super powerful countries.

Congo is a home of all Electronic devices

People might be wondering of how this came to be but everything in this world dates back to its origin.Congo has been regarded as electronics motherlands that means without Congo there could be no electronics in this world.If Congo never existed then you could probably not be reading this message today because you would not be having a phone.The reason why Congo is the mother of all electronics is because it has the necessary materials which are used to manufacture a motherboard that no other country in the world can produce.

I think it is by prayer that the Congolese are getting this valuable natural resources for free.It is either by Gods grave or it could be that they are submissive to their supreme being.As we are talking the people of South Kivu in Eastern Congo are continuing adding value to themselves each and every time.It is believed that is some months to come most of the villagers will be among the richest people in Africa.

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Congo Congolese Democratic republic Treasure Mountain-The Whole Mountain Is


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