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Raila's Man Makau Mutua Admits That Ruto Is In His Own League, Warns That Kenya Could Go Korea Way.

Professor Makau Mutua, the presidential campaign spokesperson for Raila Odinga, has asserted that President William Ruto could transform Kenya into South Korea.

In his Sunday Nation opinion post, Mutua asserts that the authoritarian government that defined the Kenyatta era and was perfected by Moi has returned.

According to him, Kenya is a nation of cowards who were turned into zombies by the colonialists, and so they are willing to accept whatever successive governments throw at them.

According to him, the Kenyan people remain passive in the face of state tyranny, notwithstanding occasional outbursts of rebellion when pushed to their limits.

He believes that this docility and obedience to proto-fascists have impeded the nation's political and economic development over the years.

He continued by explaining how Mzee Jomo Kenya's government prolonged tyranny by resurrecting the republic of fear and subservience that the colonialists had established.

After the attempted coup in 1982, when Moi assumed power, he improved it, with his words becoming law.

Mutua contends that neither Kibaki nor Uhuru fully exercised authoritarianism due to their personalities and the constitution.

Yet he asserts that William Ruto, a political animal in his own right, will transform Kenya into South Korea if he is not stopped.

"Mr. Ruto, who vehemently opposed the 2010 Constitution, is a political beast in a league of his own. Already, he has revived Mr. Moi's dictatorial methods. Kenya might quickly become another North Korea if he isn't stopped. "In Political Eclipse, Part III, which will air next Sunday, I examine the demise of democracy," adds Mutua.

North Korea is a pariah monarchy ruled by a tyrant who has isolated the country from the rest of the world.

Mutua's article is published at a time when the azimio la umoja one Kenya alliance organizes statewide anti-Ruto protest marches and Raila Odinga refuses to acknowledge Ruto's presidency on the grounds that his votes were stolen.

Notwithstanding the fact that the Supreme Court affirmed the independent electoral and boundary commission's declaration in response to Raila Odinga's petition, this is the case.

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