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Hon Kihika Reveals What the President Will Allegedly Do to Raila

Since 2018, Kenya has been struggling to come into agreement with the fact that Mr Odinga and Mr Kenyatta are no longer enemies . The once political antagonists , who took every opportunity before the public to 'smear mud' on the other, are now making decisions for the country together. As they say , there is no permanent political enemy .

The suspension of the BBI signature collection has however created room for predictions , with both politicians and citizens who are not anywhere close to the two BBI partners inner circle , left with gaps to fill .

Despite the efforts by some ODM law makers to convince kenyans that their leader had his stake on this decision, kenyans have been left with questions on whether the relationship between Mr Odinga and the president is still intact.

Today , a close ally of the deputy president has revealed a shocking prediction against Hon Raila Odinga , revealing that she is in doubt on whether the president will support Hon Odinga's dream to state house .

Taking to her tweeter account, the Nakuru senator who is also a diehard supporter of Dp Ruto has expressed her doubts on whether the president will stand with his Handshake partner to the head. In her thinking, Hon Odinga will be betrayed by Uhuru , the same way he betrayed his deputy Ruto .

" I doubt Uhuru is pushing BBI to make Raila an imperial president. That he'd then trust Raila to appoint him (Uhuru Kenyatta ) the prime minister who can then be fired anytime by Raila . My guess is he intends to betray Raila like he did to Ruto and go for the imperia president himself. Anyways, BBI can wait " Posted kihika on tweeter .

Do you support Hon Kihika's prediction ? Send us your views .

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