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Why William Ruto Always Seems a Step Ahead of Raila Odinga in the 2022 Race

The 2022 presidential succession politics seems to be gathering momentum in the country day by day and all the biggest aspirants are already giving their all in the political arena. Just like in 2013 and 2017, there is a possibility that the 2022 presidential contest may also be a two horse race but this time round between Raila Odinga and William Ruto.

Both Raila and Ruto have a huge following across the country however Ruto seems to be in an advantaged position than Raila ahead of 2022 contest.

Age Factor

As compared to Raila Ruto is relatively young and energetic. He has got all the energy that can propel him during the electioneering and campaign period. He is also likely to be more flexible and dynamic in his strategies and manoeuvres as compared to the ODM leader who is already old and seemingly conservative.

It is in this regard that many youths across the country may choose to resonate well with Ruto than with Raila.

A keen look at Ruto’s close allies reveals that a great percentage of Ruto’s allies are very young energetic and still very ambitious. In fact some of those leaders seem to be in their forties and even mid thirties. Working with such crop of leaders during campaigns is very easy because they always give it their all. With a grand concerted effort of such a youthful team Ruto has always managed to be one step ahead of Raila almost in all the flanks.

Mount Kenya Region Factor    

It is said that history always has a way with facts. For decades Raila Odinga has not been very popular in the Mount Kenya region and this factor has always affected him during election period. Mount Kenya region is a very huge voting bloc and that is why any aspirant who wants to win the presidency must always try to woo them.

DP Ruto seems to be the only politician who has managed to win their hearts in the recent history. This can be seen in how so many politicians from the region have been supporting him. From governors, senators, mps to MCAs. He has also been getting a warm welcome whenever he visits the area something that many politicians can actually envy.

This is indeed a kind of support that the ODM leader Raila Odinga does not have in the region. If Ruto maintains that kind of grip within the Mount Kenya region then there are high chances that he may be many steps ahead of his main political nemesis.

Opinion polls factor

Politics and voting patterns are sometime influenced by perceptions and this is why politicians rarely take opinion polls for granted. Opinion polls help in creating perceptions in people’s minds that a certain aspirant is on the verge of winning. This can in turn help in converting the undecided masses to vote for the one who already seems to be winning. Why on earth should I give my one vote to the losing team? One may argue.

For a very long time now Ruto has been ahead of Raila in the opinion polls both on the opinion polls companies and the social media handles like twitter and facebook. This is a plus in politics.

Well, they say it is always not over until it is done and just like in soccer where the game is determined after 90 minutes has elapsed, in politics the winner is known after the votes have been counted. 

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