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COTU Boss Francis Atwoli Wants Kakamega Senator Malala Arrested Over His Remarks on Police Officers

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli is embroiled in a new feud with Kakamega Senator Cleoffas Malala for his anti-police remarks. While campaigning for his Kakamega Gabanatorial quest, Malaa stated that all school dropouts should be given jobs, as police jobs are reserved for individuals who have had accidents and have failed their exams or have dropped out of school. Malala went on to say that as long as someone has two hands, he or she deserves to work as a police officer.

Malala's sentiments have gotten him into trouble, and many Kenyans have urged him to stop undermining police jobs. Some have even stated that they have degrees but still manage to survive in such jobs. COTU Boss Francis Atwoli confronted Malala earlier today in Busia county, stating that Malala should be imprisoned for her claims regarding police jobs. Atwili, who hasn't been sailing in the same boat as Malala because of their political differences, has set the internet on fire and ordered Senator Malala's immediate arrest.

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