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Donald Trump and Corporate America : A Daylight Betrayal

The Biggest Beneficiaries Of [email protected] administration was the corporate America . Him being a corporate Titan , used this opportunity to create a fruitful economic environment which ended up favouring the capitalist more than ordinary people , tax cuts , more corporate freedoms , imposed high tariffs on imported goods enhance fair competition . Bargained for better trade deals which would put American on a fair side of the game etc . [email protected] is the only one person who realised that the trade deals with China was kinda unfair , their tendency of dumping junk on American market and buying nothing in return wasn't really fair . The move to clamp tiktok which was a response to the notion of Chinese government banning American platforms but wanting Theirs to thrive in the same American territory which tend to be a reform. Trade deals should be fair and not one sided .

However all along since he Won elections , the corporate world has been his biggest enemy , they have been using their powers to taint his image using the very owned corporate media outlets . Even tech companies and Social Media joined the crowd to create stunts which would make him a failed president . B-L_M Is a fake stunt sponsored by the l£ftist Corporate Media to paint [email protected] as a [email protected]¢1$t , While part of the fake ¢0V19 [email protected]£m1¢ is another disastrous economic ploy to peel His regime as an economic failure , but all these failed that is why the C0mmun1st went ahead and St0l£ the £lect10ns to install their bafoonish l£ftist puppet . 

 Remember how the previous [email protected]@k regime sold all the economic power to the east , reducing America from industrial powerhouse to a dumpsite for eastern crap disguised as goods? . [email protected] advocated for the return of all these overseas factories to America so that the American people can get employment . Tramp remains a success in the history of American president but the corporate betrayal will never be forgotten ever .

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