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Ahmednasir Breaths Fire As He Makes This Statement Tagging Raila Odinga

Ahmednasir who is among top lawyers in Kenya today tweeted on his twitter page that Extra judicial killings of Somalis/Muslims will continue under Hon Raila, for he promises his policies will be same as UHURU's. Extra judicial killings of Somalis/Muslims will end on day one DP RUTO'S govt so the people of NFD must vote to stop extra judicial killings on 9.8.2022.

Lillian tweeted, "We know the people who are executing all these. We know the financiers. Raila Odinga is fully aware of this issue. Shifting games will not help. The axe is coming soon."

The tweeted, "Yet he did not end these killings when they were bosom buddies in the early days of the Jubilee government. I wonder what superpowers he will manufacture to stop them if he gets elected. You are just day dreaming."

Ugas tweeted, "KKs very own Duale championed the Security Amendment Bill that has given the gvt the licence to practice wanton human rights violations on Muslims under the guise of fighting terror. You know where the blame lies snr. Let's call a spade a spade and not a big spoon."

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