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The Messiah? Photos of Former Nairobi Governor Dr Kidero Riding on a Bodaboda Cause a Storm Online

The 2010 amended Constitution that brought about devolution has greatly changed the way of governance and has brought governance close to the people.

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The devolution brought about the 47 counties currently in Kenya. Dr Evans Odhiambo Kidero went into records, making history as the First Nairobi County Governor.

Kidero served one term as Governor before Mike Mbuvi Sonko took over the reigns of power as the Second Nairobi County Governor.

Photos of Dr. Kidero taking a ride on a bodaboda have surfaced online triggering mixed reactions from Kenyans. Some have likened the act to that of Jesus Christ who took a ride on a donkey to show humility.

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Below were some of the reactions to the hilarious photos;

"This is messianic!! you are like Jesus who rode on a donkey to Golgotha, you mean you are on a motorbike kiongozi? humble." - Adede Owalla

"Hehehe some people will say you are humble and uko kwa ground..let's see your kind riding bikes after winning the political seats....Kenya will be great. Whatever "risks" that sprout after winning elective seats..Mungu tu anajua." - Josiah

"You can smile when the rider is no well dressed for the wonder hamjali as long as mmepata all you want." - David Kasonzo

"Well deserved leave.. it's high time you come back on the stage of politics." - Franc Comolis

"These are news! Irony using motorbike since u were born......we use it daily......................if i fly it will be news and i will take a photo." - Joseph Wambua

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"Evans, put on helmet and reflector." - Mohamed Abbubakar

"You'd be happier than this if you weren't corrupt. This is just but a forced smile. Anyway, I pray that justice is served to you and to all Nairobians, Mumia's as well." - Erato Bryn

"Your brother has no helmet reflector and akipata accident u pay for the funeral." - Steve Waitheka

"As the driver of Nairobi County, this is how you run it, as simplified in the pic. Deleva hana helmet, hana recommended jacket, mteja pia ako confused. Kidero and his cabinet simplified." - Peter Kilonzo

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"Next time please wear a helmet it's for your own safety." - Kelvin Blessed

"Good morning his Excellency Governor Kidero, instead of posting these pictures and whatever, tuambie tu straightforwardly chenye unataka and we will support you.#Kidero4life." - Viktor Kioko

"We know you want to associate with us when elections are near." - Thuranira Mburuki

"Is this normal I think is abnormal,or you want to show us you didn't steal nairobians." - Peter Njege

"The sad reality of life.... Now see your life nobody Will stand with you...but when you're in control of city hall by The hundreds of wadoss flock to your office for handout where are they now?" - Prince Hassan

"A real hustler...wah riding a Boda? That is being humble. Bodas are not for human beings ..This is a quite a phenomenon.Itisha kiti tukupee." - Kirima Karunji

Is Dr Evans Kidero really humble or he is up to something? Do you think the former Nairobi County Governor can find his way back into politics and why? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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