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Opinion: Ten Fundamental Issues That Kenyans Have To Embrace Or Be Disgraced

Suzzy Kassem is an American author that said,"pick a leader who is strong and confident, humble and intelligent but not sly.A leader who encourages unity and not discrimination.One who understands the needs of the farmers, teachers, the welders, doctors and the environmentalist.

Not a leader who only understands the banker, the oil tycoon, the weapon developer or the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyist.

These are truly living words for all Kenyans as they prepare to elect their leaders.As Kenyans we are again faced with a situation where the choices we make defines our future.

In Summary let's avoid the mistakes we fall into every election year.There are 10 fundamental issues that Kenyans have to embrace or be disgraced.

1. Burry tribalism for economic hardships know no with conscience.

2. Choose a leader that understands life of ordinary Kenyans.Tip:An individual always responding to the needs of wanjiku.

3. Choose an active leader not dormant.Tip:An individual that's always with the people attending to their needs not those who come election period.

4. A leader with a rational philosophy that's practical.TIP:separate achievable policies from lies.

5. Choose a leader that's young,energetic and well informed.World is changing pretty fast.TIP:You can't train an old dog new tricks.

6. Humble leader.Many Kenyans are of humble backgrounds and only an individual that has gone through that life can understand their tribulations.TIP:Advocate of the poor who is always out to help them.

7. Principled and steadfast individual. In Kenya we need someone that listens to the voice of all Kenyans irrespective of social status.TIP: avoid candidate sponsored by deep state.

8. A leader with an ideological platform.TIP:We should look at ideas not insults and mudslinging that leaders promote.

9. Generous leader.Bible tells us blessed is the hand that gives.

10. God fearing is the most important factor for knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom.Watch out.

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American Kenyans Kenyans.Tip Suzzy Kassem


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