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Reactions After a Photo of an Aggrieved Kenyan Making His Frustrations Known to Politicians Emerges

Kenyans have sharply reacted after photos of of an aggrieved Kenyan making his frustration emerged online. According to the photo that has been circulating on social media platforms, man carrying sufuria with cooked ugali made his frustration, blaming the government of Kenya because of high cost of living.

Many Kenyans have been sharing their shopping lists detailing how price of basic food items like milk,bread and maize flour had spiked sharply in the recent months, therefore making it difficult for many to afford three meals a day.

But while the frustration on social media was collective, the financial squeeze is more painful on a personal level.

Therefore all Kenyans have been taking to social media to protest about the high cost of living in the country that is driven by a spike in the cost of basic commodities including food and cooking oils.

For a 2kg packet of maize flour that retailed at 140, one will now have to dig deeper and pay more than 208 depending on the brand of unga.

Therefore putting ugali on the table will soon cost Kenyans more, millers report indicates that, attributing this to a shortage of maize in the Kenyan market.

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